What clients say about working with Ray…

“As a qualified clinical psychologist, I was bowled over at Ray’s uncanny ability to masterfully facilitate psychological processes and zone in on the most pertinent issues… In the session I experienced a powerful epiphany and deep core-realisation… after that single one-hour session, my [food] addiction had literally vanished… Completely non-judgmental and accepting and creating a very safe container and space in which to process potentially very vulnerable material… I can’t recommend Ray highly enough.”

Yochi Ress Leadership and Management Facilitator at Attuned Consulting

“I have visited Ray Perkel a number of times over the years and have the greatest respect for him as a healing practitioner. As a therapist myself it is vital that I feel comfortable to expose my wounds and shadow side during my own processes, and Ray provides that safe space. I have no hesitation in recommending Ray to anyone seeking the quick and effective relief he offers using EFT and Matrix Reimprinting.”

Richard Higgins Family Constellation therapist

“It has been a truly life-changing experience to work with Ray for the last few months. He has a unique ability to see the more subtle, unspoken details of an issue and delve deeper into one’s story in a gentle but pertinent way. I have seen dramatic shifts in my relationships, career and most importantly my sense of self. Ray’s interest and commitment to my story and journey has been remarkable; I highly recommend Ray and this powerful healing process.”

Simone Lingenfelder Coaching Director at Biotic Health Corporation

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me so immeasurably. You’ve given me comfort and hope. In the EFT sessions you create a safe space for me to open and share in ways deeper and more healing than I’ve ever before experienced, and I’ve seen many therapists! … Since beginning the EFT work with you, I’ve shifted into a happier, stronger place inside myself, with increased self-worth and more energy. Much gratitude! May it be that many others are blessed with the opportunity to have these life changing consultations with you.”

Jennifer Hirsch Chirologist/Hand Analyst

“Ray is skilled and experienced in facilitating personal change through his use of unique models and techniques. I would endorse Ray for coaching and facilitating personal transformation for individuals and teams. He is intuitive. He provides guidance during challenging situations because he is goal oriented, clear and non judgmental. Working with Ray has been life changing and insightful. I learn something new in every interaction.”

Tumi Moloto Change Leadership, Organizational Relationship & Systems Coach

“Ray is an experienced and highly effective coach and one-to-one practitioner. He is very sensitive and acutely perceptive. He helped me to identify some emotional blocks and do profound work to free myself from them. I would recommend him to anyone looking for transformation through deep emotional work.”

Letitia Blake Management & Leadership Trainer for Business Professionals (UK)

“My experience with Ray was really transformative! I now feel more whole, I feel more at peace with painful experiences from my past which had caused dissonant negative aspects of my personality to rule my emotional world. I have been able to access joy that was buried underneath all of the hurt and negativity I had felt previously… My life feels more available to me, more positive and more anxiety free!”

Tzippy B. Be'er Sheva, Israel

“I was impressed with Ray ‘s warmth and insight. Ray is naturally skilled at creating a safe space for his client. We worked on some very tender areas, including the recent loss of my mother. The Matrix Reprinting immediately released blocks, which subsequently bore fruit in my life. Powerful! Ray is a gifted healer.”

Katie Vereshchaka EFT Practitioner/Intuitive (USA)

“Ray has helped me immensely. With two sessions he brought me to profound realizations that have had an impact on me that I can’t begin to describe or measure but will impact on my choices on a daily basis. He has a way of bringing one to the true core of the issues with steadiness and care.
I highly recommend Ray as a Life Coach.”

Laura Pinto-Basto Operations Manager at Rainbow Coaches

“Ray is a spiritual and intuitive man… showed me my blind spots and how to work on them.”

David Trope Sales Manager at Reac

“I want to take this the opportunity to thank you for the two sessions I had with you while I was in Johannesburg last time. They were incredibly helpful and facilitated a major shift in me, so a very big THANK YOU.”

Richard Higgins Family Constellation Therapist

“Ray is a spiritual leader… The depth of his knowledge is clearly very rare, but what makes Ray such a powerful practitioner, in my view, is his profoundly empathic way of being. You can entrust yourself to Ray, meaning that one’s work with him can reach into areas of life, thought and experience that typically remain guarded and unhealed. From my experience I enthusiastically recommend Ray to anyone whose next step in life requires some deep and sacred work of the heart.”

Justin Cloete Strategy Executive at SapientNitro

“Ray creates a safe and supportive space. With his insightful questions and gentle methods he allows his client to explore questions and truths that are otherwise very difficult to reach. I felt strong, reassured and optimistic after a session with Ray.”

Patricia Perkel Executive Director at National NewsMedia Council (Canada)

“After struggling with anxiety and panic disorder for many years, I was referred to Ray to hopefully gain insight into what was causing me to suffer. Already after just a few sessions I felt myself feeling lighter, more free and open to living a life without stumbling blocks. Ray builds a plan using EFT designed specifically to help each client work through their own barriers. I am forever grateful for Ray’s guidance and tools which I use outside of our sessions. I have and will continue to highly recommend Ray!”

Jordana R. Business Owner, Jerusalem

“Your support yesterday was ground-breaking for me. Thank you with all my heart. I am so much more in touch with my true value, relieved and released from the burden and chains of some ‘mind-talk’ which had become part of me. I feel light, powerful and beautiful.”

Anonymous *****

“My recent sessions with Ray, have changed my life. I was skeptical at first, but now I’m so glad that I was able to have this opportunity. He is gentle, kind and very caring. He has helped me over come my worst fear and I now feel that I can live my life to the fullest..”

************** *****

“Thank you for your acknowledgement, words of encouragement and guidance, and for sharing your incredible insights and knowledge! I am learning so much about myself through your guidance and feel greatly enriched by the knowledge you impart.”

Ronald N. Entrepreneur, Johannesburg

“Powerful intuition, genuine interest and curiosity, gentle but fearless ability to challenge and probe more deeply… deeply caring and insightful person.”

************** *****

“I am feeling so much more grounded and in control of myself. I feel like ‘M…’ is back and happy and positive again. And importantly so much more able to manage challenges and bumps of life along the way.

I cannot thank you enough for all our sessions together I have benefited hugely and can’t even begin to put into words my gratitude.”

M.R. Occupational Therapist, London UK

“I became aware of my behaviour in the situation – how I enable my partner to feel insecure by not sharing what is going on in my life. I left feeling a huge amount of compassion towards my partner and had new-found hope”

************** *****

“My EFT work with you has been incredibly powerful and worthwhile.”

************** *****

“Thanks again for your masterful coaching”

************** *****

“I am repeatedly struck by your richness as a person and a professional.”

************** *****

“Patience, calmness and wisdom. Ray has the ability to listen… I felt his strong presence and ‘for’ness for me and my situation”

Anonymous *****

“This opened up some new possibilities in my life, clearer goals in the short term… an eye on the bigger picture”

************** *****

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