True Fulfillment vs Freedom from Pain

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Does being free from pain automatically mean that you are well, alive and thriving?

We live in a society that is obsessed with getting rid of pain, but what meaningful benefit does that really deliver?

Effective therapy needs to be a deep psychological healing process which supports us to heal our repressed pain from the past that keeps us stuck. This is experienced as the unblocking of our trapped energies and a new feeling of freedom.

Effective therapy can support us to develop this ability by recognizing and letting go of our false negative beliefs about those painful experiences. For most of us, these beliefs are the conclusions we came to in early childhood when we were faced with overwhelming emotions that we didn’t understand or have a clue how to process. The therapeutic process frees us from the shackles of our negative beliefs and, by dismantling our illusions, redeems us from our suffering.

However, to stop there is to ignore our potential for greatness, and our soul’s desire for greater growth and fulfillment. There is more to life than freedom from pain.

As Freud put it, psychotherapy delivers people from “neurotic misery to common unhappiness”.

Living a life of fulfillment requires firstly our willingness to accept and embrace the painful experiences of our lives – whether physical, emotional or existential – face them and deal with them consciously and maturely.

But that’s only the first step in growth and transformation. Working with an expert life coach can support and empower us to live a larger, more purposeful life that feels alive, joyful and fulfilled. It goes without saying that this brings greater success in all areas of life, whether in finances, health, relationships or whatever.

So, what are you after in your life?

Are you content with playing small, fearfully clinging to self-preservation and the illusory emotional safety of being ‘pain free’, addicted to a comfort-zone, and the ‘security’ of mediocrity?

Or are you willing to take bold responsibility for your own positive transformation, drawing on your deeper, innate endowments, your child-like curiosity and adventurous spirit, stepping out willingly into the infinitely expansive zone of new possibilities.

What steps can you take to get you there?

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